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VIgyan Vijay Foundation


Building a better community

Saakshar Wing

                            --- a centre for non-formal education and remedial classes for slum children

Our mission is to offer pre-school lessons for mainstreaming children of age group 5-8 years old in formal schools. 

We monitor them throughout the school cycle to ensure their learning is at pace with their age, grade and academic level. Mid-day meals, regular medical checkup and remedial classes are provided to the children who attend local Govt./ MCD Schools.

Saakshar School-1  (Nasirpur Community)

Saakshar School-2  (Manglapuri)

Saakshar School-3 (Matiala)

Saakshar School-4 (Manglapuri)

Saakshar Achievement Assessment Report 2015-16

 As part of VVF intervention we have outreached  500+ families of underprivileged children , from which 130 were enrolled with Saakshar program and  90% children mainstreamed are performing well in school. We have also achieved a 0% dropout .

Tarang Wing

                         --- a centre for vocational computer training and employability generation.

Spoken English

The main goal of this course is to help the students to improve their spoken English skills to enable them to communicate more effectively in English and to use it in their daily life.  We have different levels of curriculum module designed for beginner as well as intermediate level. The skills taught for effective communication include listening comprehension skills ,vocabulary,English grammar, interactive skills,verbal and non-verbal behavior,etc.

Diploma in Basic Computer (NIIT Foundation)

VVF is collaborated with NIIT foundation to impart basic computer education(MS Office,Internet) to the undergraduates, graduates, working class and housewives. The main objective of this course is to nurture computer skills among the students so that they can meet the need of our fast changing environment and cope up with the day to day technologies.

Employability Skill Program (Etasha Society)

The Employability Skill Program prepare students who aspire to work as a data entry operator, front desk executive, clerk or other entry level jobs.  The program aims to develop skills including time and management, team work, defining goals and objective .It also helps the students in getting placed in different organised sectors.

Gloopen Pilot Project

It is a simple yet powerful tool  for creative learning and collaboration. This project is running under pilot mode for training Tarang and Saakshar  students beyond the boundaries of classrooms. The students get trained through different game portals (embedded on gloopad) and through our volunteers who are at distance by video conferencing.

Assessment for the year 2016 (till date) 

As per data extracted from surveys we have outreached  to 130 people in our locality during the month of May,2016  in terms of events, alumni meet , free internet workshop,etc.