-Building a Better Community
VIgyan Vijay Foundation


Building a better community


  • Preparatory and bridge courses for dropouts, children from slum pockets, migrant families

  • Mid-day meals for pupils attending schools

  • Adult-literacy for men and women from the given section

  • Skill-training and Functional-literacy for adolescents for the given section

  • Education on issues of Self-Advocacy, Social Security, Personal Savings etc.

  • Health education and primary healthcare for slum residents

  • Self-help groups for trained adolescents and adults


  • Capacity-building in Information     Technology 

  • Providing computer literacy to   community

  • Remedial Education Centre

  • Providing capital for social       entrepreneurship through ICT.

  • Vocational  Computer Training Centre

  • Collaboration with NIIT Computer Program

  • Accredited center of NIELIT for BCC and CCC course.


VVF is keenly working in the field of Environmental Upgrading especially in the field of:

  • Rainwater Harvesting and Water         Conservation

  • Waste Water Recycling

  • Waste Management and Minimization        Programme

  • Environmental Awareness Programmes    for schools, colleges and institutions.

  • Information Dissemination & Community     Mobilization in science, technology,           energy and water.

  • Capacity-building in implementing       environmental and appropriate         technology